Transportation Decision Systems (now PGH Wong Engineering)

An Overview of the OnTrack Rail Simulation Suite

What is OnTrack?

OnTrack is a suite of related computer programs developed to help plan, design, and operate a railroad. These programs include:

Who uses OnTrack?

OnTrack is licensed by many segments of the railroad industry including rail properties, consultants, and engineering firms. We performs analysis using the programs on a contract basis. Users of OnTrack include:

What makes OnTrack special?

Clients from railroads and engineering firms who have used and/or purchased other programs for railroad analysis but are now using OnTrack have indicated that there are many reasons why they prefer OnTrack. Some of these are:

The suite is comprised of:

OnTrack relational network database
OnTrack interactive simulation
Graphing module
Reporting module
Passenger reporting module
Train Signaling and Performance Analysis module
Traction Power Analysis module

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